April 5, 2017


We are a turn-key provider of concrete services from pouring to designer finishing and maintenance.  We love the beauty of concrete and ensure that every single job is done with extreme care and professionalism. Below are some of our most popular client choices.

Pouring Concrete

We pour and finish concrete for commercial and residential projects of all sizes.  Ready-mix concrete of all types is available.  You can choose your PSI strength, additional glass or plastic fibers, and even integral colour.  Depending on the job, we can pour with wheelbarrows, line pumps or a boom pump. Once the concrete is evenly poured and distributed in the desired area, you can choose from our many types of finishing options.  These include power-trowel, broom finish, exposed aggregate and more.

Grinding and Floor Preparation

This is a very popular service for many purposes.  It is a necessary prerequisite for both polishing and epoxy services that we offer.  Grinding concrete removes the top coat which is mostly cement, sand and adhesives.  This combination reduces the concrete's porous nature and makes and coating significantly less likely to last. This is always a multi-stage process and always includes patching of and holes and cracks to create a smooth, even slab of concrete. 

Polished Concrete

One of our most popular services.  Our experts use the highest quality tools and techniques to create a beautiful sheen that maintains a natural stone look.  Polished concrete is an option for both residential and commercial clients.  This finish is the longest lasting and most beautiful finish.  We use an eco-friendly nano sealer to close off the pores in the concrete and protect it for many years.


Epoxy is a great choice for many environments where the concrete may not be suitable for polishing due to damage, need for anti-slip, or high traffic areas.  It is also an economical choice when concrete needs to be protected, but price is a large factor. Epoxy is a great option for garages, walkways, industrial applications, and many more.  There is also a lot of room for creativity in terms of colour and types of applications.

Concrete Interlocking Stones

We can manufacture custom shapes, colors, sizes, and will work with you on creating a design that is right for you! Our expertise doesn’t stop at manufacturing/installing interlocking stone for the domestic market; we also work with commercial projects, such as plazas, malls, government buildings, condominiums, and much more.
Whether you build sidewalks, driveways, patios, swimming pools, city commercial, or city squares, our decorative stones will help you decorate the property, and forget about fixing the pavement for a lifetime!

Concrete Countertops

A great option for a creative table, bar, kitchen or any other surface you want to be unique and last a lifetime.  We use a proprietary admix designed to withstand harsh conditions such as weather and acidity.  The process involves a lot of planning and is always a completely custom job. We use alkaline resistant glass fibers in order to keep the counter-tops lighter and stronger. 

Designer Concrete Finish

Our favorite concrete finishing projects to work on are always unique designer ones.  Some common options include engraving the concrete with specialty tools to create shapes and borders.  We also can stain the concrete to any colours and even antique it with acids. Another favorite is to create a metallic epoxy design that involves a high level of skill to create one of the most beautiful floor masterpieces possible.