Rona Concrete Polishing London Ontario

Grinding Process

At the Rona, London location we were called in to repair damaged concrete and create a uniform medium-high sheen to match the remainingHTC Grinding Rona London isles in the retail store. We began by doing a primary grind of the entire floor with a large grit diamond blades to prepare for polishing.

 Once the entire floor was ground down to an acceptable even level, we were happy that all the surface paints and stains were removed.  The next stage was to fill in all the cracks and imperfections with a specialty concrete patching compound.  We use a mix of black and white fine Ardex based polishable patching compounds to match the colour of the existing concrete.

After the patching process is complete, we use our HTC grinder with a finer diamond grit level to go through the entire floor again to remove all the excess patching materials.  Another thing this Washing Polished Floor with Auto Scrub Londonprocess does is that it removes tooling marks from the larger grit diamonds.  This therefore makes it much more efficient to polish the floor afterwords.

Polishing Process 

Once the grinding process is complete, we go through a series of increasing grit size resin blades to further remove the tooling marks and create a natural shine on the concrete surface. This Usually consists of 5-7 stages and takes up more than half of the time required to complete a polishing job.

Finishing the Polishing Job

Once we are happy with the polish, we use an auto scrub to wash the floors and remove any excess Finished Polished and Sealed Rona Londondust left over from the polishing process.  This is important because extra dust will leave streaking marks once the sealer is applied.

The final stage is a 2-coat acrylic based sealer that cures within 30 minutes. This allows foot traffic instantly after the project is complete so that business can go back to normal. 

As you can see we are left with a beautiful polished concrete floor that matches the look of the store flawlessly!