Harley Davidson Polishing

One of our projects at the Harley Davidson headquarters polishing Peterborough, Ontario. 

Polishing Peterborough Scope

This project was a large multi-room project with over 5000 square feet of polishing to complete.  Using multiple large grinders and working in stages we were able to complete the project in a few weeks. Some of the rooms required different concrete treatments.  One of the rooms was a wash bay for the dealer bikes.  This room required an anti-slip epoxy coat to ensure traction and to protect the floor from wash agents.


The different types of concrete needed to be blended in together, while having different finishes.  We used hand grinders in narrow areas to create a natural blend that is not visible to the eye.  Where epoxy was used, we created a straight line to emphasize the division instead.  

Another challenge was the high demand for power and ventilation for such a large job.  Dedicated power splits were installed from the transformer to ensure a constant flow.

Finishing Off the Job

Because of the time constraints from the general contract, we had to bring in a partner company to ensure the project finishes on time.  This required even more power and a mobile generator was called in to service the needs. Large scale projects have very different needs, so it is always best to allow at least a couple weeks of planning in advance.  This allows us to ensure the right equipment and power is available for the job to go smoothly.