Polishing Haliburton Project January 26 2017

Another successful Polishing Haliburton  project completed by Unique Concrete Finishing.  This beautiful new build cottage required approximately 1000 square feet of main living spaced polished with a medium sheen, industrial look. 

The finished product

On the right you can see the finished look.  Due to the extreme harness of the concrete, the grinding phases took a long time.  The concrete used for this floor was a very high PSI and it also had added glass fibers for reinforcement.  The pattern of the concrete turned out beautiful with a light spider webbing effect due to the combination of the concrete grade and glass fibers.

Finished Industrial Polished Look

1-26-17 Haliburton Polished Concrete Cottage

Custom Table too Large for Doorway

1-26-17 Haliburton Polished Concrete Cottage

The large table dilemma

Here you can see a large custom table to owner built.  The table was too large for the doorway, but we managed to complete the polishing project by shifting it from place to place periodically over the course of the project. The cottage is a beautiful open concept design with 30ft ceilings in the main room!

The importance of quality finishing for a new slab

The two bedrooms in this project had a different grade of concrete and inconsistent finishing.  This results in those white patches you can see in photo.  These spots are low spots where there is no aggregates and only cement.  We recommend that clients thinking of doing a new concrete pour use our services to avoid this issue when polishing.  We use a concrete vibrator, power trowel and other methods to ensure consistency in your concrete.

Poor Concrete Finishing In Bedrooms
happy finish

Happy with the end result!

Even with a few obstacles to overcome, we gave our all and created a beautiful finished project.  We thank our awesome clients and hope they enjoy their brand new polished concrete by UCF!